Ultimate Guide to Using Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin


Whether you need to incorporate a contact structure for guests to reach out to you, an information exchange structure for a bulletin, or a study to assess the client experience, a structure manufacturer is an unquestionable requirement for the overwhelming majority of WordPress destinations. The Gravity Form WordPress plugin is one you could have known about, and one that we energetically suggest.

There are many free structure plugins for WordPress, however, these are much of the time essential and restricted in their usefulness. In the meantime, premium structure plugins like Gravity Form permit you to do substantially more with altering your form and taking care of the information you get from the finished form.

Gravity Form has been around for over 10 years, and it has turned into a trusted, go-to name in the WordPress structure plugin space. Here, we'll figure out how to introduce Gravity Form on your site and take full advantage of its elements.

Gravity Form Plugin Highlights

The Gravity Form plugin offers many highlights to make your WordPress lead frames simple and helpful to utilize. Here are some champion highlights to lift your form and better catch client entries:

Structure Proofreader

The Gravity Form manufacturer's capabilities as an easy-to-use simplified interface. In the structure manager, you can add new fields, select kinds of fields, and rework the fields depending on the situation. The plugin offers many structure field types, from basic text contribution to manual human tests to valuing fields, so you can accumulate pretty much any data you want.

Email Sending

When guests begin finishing up your form, Gravity Form can send the entries to determined colleagues relying upon the substance finished up in the structure.

Let's assume you have a pet preparing business with various workers who spend significant time with various creatures. You might offer a structure that requests that intrigued clients select the size of the pet that needs prepping (e.g., canine, feline, here). Clients who select "bunny" will have their accommodation shipped off the email of the worker who spends significant time preparing pet rabbits. Your application may be less charming, yet at the same comparably viable.

Contingent Rationale

Gravity Form' contingent designing capability — which may be its most famous component — permits you to uncover or conceal explicit fields relying upon a client's response to or choice of a specific field in the structure.

For instance, on the off chance that one field inquires, "Do you have a pet?" and the client chooses "Yes," another inquiry seems to provoke the client to choose what kinds of pets they own from a rundown. Assuming that the client chooses "No," the rundown field stays stowed away.


Another well-known Gravity Form permits you to embed valuing fields to acknowledge installments. Gravity Form is coordinated with PayPal, Stripe, and Square, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, so you can undoubtedly and safely gather installments directly from your structure.

Information Product

If you want to save structure reactions, you can likewise trade from information as a Succeed bookkeeping sheet. This is particularly helpful if you gather information from your form over a significant period.

Gravity Form likewise offers transformation information, so you can rapidly think about the number of entries you are getting contrasted with the number of individuals seeing the structure to make changes and increment deals.

Document Transfers

A remarkable high-level element of Gravity Form is the capacity of clients to transfer records, including pictures or reports, in structure entries. Assuming you acknowledge client-produced content, Gravity Form can also deal with that. You can make a structure for guests to submit WordPress posts for your site.


At last, Gravity Form coordinates with driving showcasing robotization, distributed storage, installment handling, examination, and informing software. Outstanding incorporations incorporate Perfex CRM, Slack, Mailchimp, Stripe, and Consistent Contact. Clients incorporate applications utilizing paid Gravity Form additional items — search the additional items library to check whether it's viable with your favored devices.

Use Gravity Form to draw in your crowd.

To assemble entrust with and successfully market to your guests, form is fundamental to consider while building your WordPress site. It merits the interest in a top-notch plugin to guarantee your information assortment is consistent and lovely for clients.

That is the reason we suggest Gravity Form — this strong plugin will take your form to a higher level. With it, you can exceptionally redo each structure, from what the client sees, to what the client can submit, to who gets the reactions. Whether you want a basic contact form, email recruits, or even intend to make a deal form, Gravity Form can assist you with doing all of this and something else for your WordPress site.


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